We Work Hard To Provide You With The Best Quality and Experience

Hola Tacos was founded by four partners in 2020 with a passion for food and a passion for hospitality. Our aim is to provide our guests with an exceptional experience. We strive to ensure our guests feel welcome and fulfilled!

By incorporating Mexican/Tex-Mex cuisine with a drive for hospitality we aim to make our guest’s experience not transactional but also personal.

Our Company

We believe that hospitality is an integral part that is somewhat overlooked in the fast-food business. At Hola Tacos you will find our family greeting you with the most gracious smile and the utmost respect.

Staff, or as we like to call them; family, are trained on various hospitality fundamentals in order to provide our guests with an experience that they deserve.

Our family is rigorously trained on hygiene standards and fundamentals so that you can rest knowing that your food is being properly handled by qualified personnel.

Our Values

Respect – We are careful to build and maintain a respectful environment for both our customers and stakeholders.

Communication – We foster an engaging employee environment both internally (employees, partners, and stakeholders) and externally (customers).

Hospitality – It is our utmost responsibility to create a hospitable environment for our customers through consistent training of staff and implementation of SOPs (standards of operation).

Quality – We offer only the freshest local products to our customers, ensuring their health and safety through abiding by hygienic standards.

Consistency – It is our utmost responsibility to remain consistent with our products and services no matter the circumstances through consistent training of staff, food tasting, implementation of SOPs and recipe innovation.

Core Team

Four partners with a diverse set of skills. A passion for food and a passion for hospitality runs through our veins. Each one of us utilizes his and her skills to bring the best out of our family in order to serve our customers in the best way possible.

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